If you have a request to show something on the screen, play a music track, play a video, please be prepared to submit your media on a USB flash drive, a CD, or a DVD to the scheduled AV staff by Wednesday evening before the event.

We do not recommend using a video/audio streaming service due to internet buffering, embedded advertisements, and/or unreliable internet speeds.

Please send announcements and presentations to: av@stonehillchurch.org

If you have a staffing request, please contact the Audio Visual team at: av4hire@stonehillchurch.org

Thank you!



Media Notes:

If you are bringing a PowerPoint(TM) file on a USB flash drive on Sabbath, make sure that your presentation slides are sized for 16×10.

Example: Set up your slides to be 16×10 to use the full area of our projectors

If you have special or custom fonts in your presentation, please make sure you use “Save Options” to embed your fonts into your presentation file that you bring:

Example: Save your files to embed any special or custom fonts that is in your presentation.