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About the Club
The Adventurer Club is a Christ-centered, family ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church,  working under the guidance of the conference Youth Department.  Adventurer club is geared toward families with children in grades pre-K through 4th grade (ages 4 through 10).   The idea for this ministry came in the 1930s and was eventually formalized as the Adventurer Club in 1992 by the North American Division.  Nowadays you can find chapters of Adventurer Club worldwide. 

What We Do
The goal of the Adventurer Club is to help families and caregivers help their children to live for Jesus.  We do this by family participation in meetings, camping, community service projects, leadership opportunities, and sharing the gospel.  There is also an exciting Bible quiz bowl each year, called Bible Adventures.  During meetings, Adventurers work on a curriculum that teaches how to live for Jesus; it is divided into four categories: Myself, My God, My Family, and My World.  We also enjoy devotionals, songs, and worship designed for younger children.  Each child earns awards (patches) and pins for completing the basic requirements and as well as other fun activities.  You can learn more about the Adventurer Club by visiting

Adventurer Club Staff

Director: Ciara Parks Phone

Assistant Director: Laurie Chodorow

Instructor: Cliff Nyaribo

Instructor: Eva Nyaribo

Treasurer: David Onsongo


    • Squires Handbook
    • Squires Calendar 2018-2019
      • Registration & Medical Forms
    • Uniform Requirements

How much does it cost to join?

Cost per child for 2018-19: 

            $56.00   Registration & Dues (new and returning Adventurers)

            $11.00    T-shirt

             Varies    Uniform Insignia (new Adventurers only)

(Please note: Camping and field trip costs are not included.)

How do I enroll my child?

  1. Download the calendar, registration & medical form.
  2. Fill out and turn in the forms, fees, and uniform order to the club director.  Make checks payable to “Stonehill Seventh-day Adventist Church.”
  3. Come to the next meeting!

Can I enroll after the in the middle of the school year, even though I missed the registration date?

Yes, you may still enroll.  However, by enrolling on or before registration day you will avoid late registration fee.

What if my child is “too big” for Adventurers?  Or what if my elementary-aged child wants to go to Pathfinders with an older sibling?  Can they skip ahead to Pathfinders?

Pathfinders serves kids from 5th Grade through 10th grade.  If your child is not yet in 5th Grade, they should join the Adventurer Club since the curriculum corresponds to your child’s grade level. 

What if my child is not yet 4 years old?  Can he/she join Adventurers?

Please call the director for more information. 

I have a child that is Adventurer age and one that is younger than Adventurer age.  Can the younger child attend meetings, too?

Yes, they are welcome to come.  Adventurer Club is a family club.  Parents and siblings may participate with their children that are enrolled.  Please keep in mind, however, that any extra children that are attending regularly and using materials must also register and pay the annual dues/fees.

Can I drop off my child for meetings and pick them up at the end?

Adventurers encourages family participation so that your child learns from you how to love and serve Jesus.  Please stay and participate with your child.  There are many things parents can help out with during meetings.  You also get to know the other families in the club.

How do I get club information and announcements?

Ask the Director to add you to our email list.  Or if you have a Facebook account, you can ask to be added to our private group “Stonehill Squires Adventurer Club.”  You’ll receive meeting reminders and announcements in both places.

How can I volunteer or help out the Adventurer Club?

You can help by:

    • Spending time in prayer for our children, their families, and our leaders.
    • Sponsoring an Adventurer child’s club dues or uniform fees.
    • Assisting with club activities or teach an award—volunteering!  Staff members and volunteers must fill out a volunteer application AND complete Adventurer staff training AND Verified Volunteer. Contact the club director.
    • Donating camping equipment, crafts, snacks, supplies, or money to the club.  If you want a receipt for tax purposes, please request it from Stonehill Seventh-day Adventist Church treasurer, Ellen Jensen.

How do I contact the club director?

Director: Ciara Parks
Phone: (513) 692-6072

Are there other Adventurer Clubs?

Adventurer Club is found worldwide.  There are several clubs in the Austin metropolitan area.  On the Texas Conference Adventurer Club website, you may search by region the list of churches that sponsor an Adventurer Club.

What are the different class levels?