One of our church members has been sponsoring a child in the Philippines in their studies and this year she needs a little more assistance. Please read April Joy letter below.

"A blessed day! I am April Joy D. Laceda, an incoming 3rd Year college student at Adventist University of the Philippines. I would like to humbly ask for your prayers as well as financial help.  I am taking up a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics. My mother is a single parent who had been supporting us from the very start until now. I have also applied for a job and started to be a student at the same time as an online assistant. I usually earn around $280 to $350 depending on the task/workload given. However, since I also help pay the bills at home, I sometimes would just allot the remaining amount for my tuition. I am eager to work smart to graduate, be a Registered Nutritionist and Dietician, and find a job immediately. I aspire to be a Registered Nutritionist Dietician who works in a hospital or community by God’s grace.

Our university has 2 semesters each academic year. During my first semester of face-to-face classes, the total assessment was $1,136 while for the second semester, it was $1,190. Our first semester will begin this August 8 and we will all be required to settle our financial obligation 5 days before the start of classes. With my work, I still couldn’t gather the amount I will be needing to continue my studies. I was a bit hopeless the past weeks but have been reminded to be hopeful again through a God-sent friend, Ma’am Silvia. Life is kind of tough but it’s full of lessons and reflections. During the hard and dark times of my life, God never makes me feel alone and unloved even until this moment. Also, my favorite verse which really moved me and is still holding on to until now is from Matthew 19:26. Whatever it may be, as long as I am with Him and it is according to His will, I believe that God will make it happen. I am taking this opportunity to seek spiritual and financial help from you. I will always be grateful for your help whether it be financially or spiritually. Your prayers are of big help to me in this journey. Thank you so much for taking the time to read. Keep safe and may God continue to heal you and bless you abundantly with lots of love and hope!"


The first semester funds have been covered. The second semester goal to help is $1200 and the deadline to donate is October 29th, 2022. If you would like to help her, please mark your offering envelope with "April Joy." Thank you!